Author: Botmaster5
Source: Nostalrius ↗

All information in this guide is based off of patch 1.12 private servers. Some information may change with the official release of Classic WoW.

Warlocks are masters of the demonic arts. In the World of Warcraft universe, they are shamans and mages who have been tempted away from the use of arcane magic or the elements, but they retain a number of similarities with both, and fulfill similar ranged DPS role in groups. The largest difference is their ability to summon a variety of demon minions, each of which has different abilities and is useful in different situations. Warlocks are feared for their DoT abilities, which are able to cause huge amounts of damage to their targets even after the warlock has died, and their curses and banes, which cause a variety of debuffs, and they have a few buffs and other abilities that, although somewhat situational, can be very effective.

They are an essential part of any group, with their ability to conjure health stones for their group, soulstone healers, and even summon other members to their location.
Warlocks 3 talent specializations are Affliction, Destruction, and Demonology.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at the Warlock class, check out the video below.


In Classic, you can Generally take on 2 mobs at once pretty easily allowing for fast leveling! One is DoT’d and VW tanked, while the other is DoT’d and running around feared. 3 mobs can be a bit trickier, One DoT’d and tanked by VW, the other body aggro’d on VW, the third DoT’d and running around feared. The only difference between taking on 2 or 3+ mobs is that you CANNOT use any life gain spells (Drain Life or Siphon Life) as you will pull ‘healing aggro’ from the unfocused mob

  • Lvls 10-16: Affliction
  • 10 – 11: Imp Corruption (2/5)
  • 12 – 14: Suppression (3/5)
  • 15 – 16: Imp Drain Soul (2/2)
  • Lvls 17 – 24: Demonology
  • 17 – 18: Imp Healthstone (2/2)
  • 19 – 21: Demonic Embrace (3/5)
  • 22 – 24: Imp Voidwalker (3/3)
  • Lvls 25 – 47: Affliction
  • 25 – 27: Imp Corruption (5/5)
  • 28 – 30: Imp CoA (3/3)
  • 31 – 32: Imp Lifetap (2/2)
  • 33 – 34: Nightfall (2/2)
  • 35 – 36: Grim Reach (2/2)
  • 37: Suppression (4/5)
  • 38: Siphon Life (1/1)
  • 39: Suppression (5/5)
  • 40: Amplify Curse (1/1)
  • 41 – 42: Fel Concentration (2/5) *
  • 43 – 47: Shadow Mastery (5/5)
  • Lvls 48 – 60: Demonology
  • 48 – 49: Demonic Embrace (5/5)
  • 50: Fel Domination (1/1)
  • 51 – 54: Fel Intellect (4/5)
  • 55 – 59: Unholy Power (5/5)
  • 60: Demonic Sacrifice (1/1) **

Leveling Build 30/21/0 ↗


* These two points you can put anywhere. Some people like Curse of Exhaustion, some like Imp Curse of Weakness. It really doesn’t matter, they are points needed to be spent to unlock the next tier.
** At this point you should consider respeccing into a dungeon/raid spec and start working on your pre-raid BiS.
Always have your VW out while questing and/or grinding, nothing else.


If its a quick kill (< 20 seconds): DoT with Siphon Life and Corruption.
If its a longer kill (> 20 seconds): DoT with Siphon Live, CoA, and Corruption. Only reapply Corruption if needed, as reapplying CoA/Siphon Life is not mana efficient (unless the fight is 50+ seconds long).


Unless you want the XP, you can skip most of the warlock class quests, with the following exceptions
Level 10The Binding – VW quest
Level 31In Search Of Menara Voidrender – quest for Enchanted Gold Bloodrbe that can last you well into your 50s.
Level 35Knowledge of the Orb of Orahil – Make sure you go The Completed Orb of Dar’Orahil route and take the orb! This will last you quite a long while, and the active use isn’t that bad.
Level 40Summon Felsteed – click, click, free mount
Level 50An Imp’s Request – quest for a unique, warlock only weapon, the Soul Harvester!!! Side note – take the trinket. The staff will eventually be replaced, the trinket has no substitute and is useful forever (including TBC)

The following is your Drain Soul Macro. This is what you will use in place of Drain Soul once you get a soul shard bag. It will delete the item (soul shard) in the bottom right corner of your left most bag, which normally would be our soul shard bag. If the bag is not full, it wont delete anything. You should be using this macro/spell to kill every mob you are fighting. This will give you a nice 10 second buff that will give you a nice little chunk of mana.

/cast Drain Soul(Rank 1)
/run local a=GetBagName(4); if a=="Core Felcloth Bag" or a=="Felcloth Bag" or a=="Soul Pouch" or a=="Box of Souls" or a=="Small Soul Pouch" then PickupContainerItem(4,GetContainerNumSlots(4)) DeleteCursorItem() else end

Between levels 37 and 44, buy or have made every piece of Shadoweave. It is a good base set that will improve your damage. You can start replacing pieces if you find something with both Int and Spirit. Even though we are not really a Spirit based class, the more we have, the more mana we can recuperate with Imp Drain Soul.

Not all levels are created equal
Save your money!! Since we dont have to purchase a mount at lvl 40, we are in an advantageous position that we can spend that money on gear. Only spend money to level Corruption, CoA, Siphon Life, Lifetap, shadowbolt, demon armor, soul stone, health stone, and your VW books. And start saving your money for some of your pre-raid BiS gear that is BoE. IE Felcloth Gloves.

Pre-Raid Gear

Below is a google doc containing the BiS items for warlocks.
If you want to save a copy of the doc for yourself, click here


You’ve just hit 60, congrats!! Now what? If you want to continue to quest grind for gold, rewards, and rep, by all means keep your same spec and go to town. However, if you find yourself with the inclining to start running dungeons for loot and eventually getting into a raiding guild, here is what you should shoot for.

You really only have 2 choices here:

SM / Ruin - DoT EVERYTHING with corruption, spam shadowbolts.
Pros: Higher survivability outside of raids and dungeons because of Siphon Life.
Cons: Lower overall DPS than DS/Ruin

SM-Ruin Build

5/5 Imp Corr DS/Ruin - Sacrifice succubus, pretend you are a shadow spec mage bot that spams shadowbolts.
Pros: Higher overall DPS than SM/Ruin, Can use Curse of Shadows instead of Curse of Agony.
Cons: Glass cannon.

SM-Ruin Build

Note: you can choose to take 5 points into Suppression instead of Improved Corruption in the Affliction tree if you prefer.