This guide is primarily focused on Healing. DPS & Tanking guides coming soon.

Author: Poot
Source: Holy Paladin PVE Guide

Paladins, like druids and shamans, are extremely versatile and are able to find a spot in almost every group. Depending on spec, gear, and need, they are able to melee DPS, tank, or heal. They have almost no ranged DPS abilities. Paladins are very valued for their diverse collection of blessings and auras which buff other players. In endgame, paladins are very useful as they bring alot of raid utility. Paladins are restricted to Alliance players.

Paladin's 3 talent specializations are Holy, Protection, and Retribution.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at the Paladin class, check out the video below.



Main Holy Build ↗
This is the main healing build for paladins. You can put the remaining 6 talent points into whatever you like.

Frost AOE

Holy/Prot Hybrid Build ↗
This hybrid spec allows you to tank or heal any pre-raid 5 man content.

Frost AOE

Pre-Raid Gear

Pre-Raid BIS Holy Paladin gear set.

Stat Priorities

Core Stats
  • Intellect
  • + Healing
Secondary Stats
  • Spell Crit
  • MP5 (Mana per 5 seconds)

I'm not into running spread sheets. Here is my rule of thumb for prioritizing stats. Depending on your play style, the tank's gear and your overall raid dps, you are either running out of mana during boss fights or you aren't.

Your most important priority is to never run out of mana because then you are useless.

If you are running out of mana, then you need more Int, Spell Crit and Mp5. If you aren't having trouble with mana, then gather more +healing.

I like to keep a 9k+ mana pool with full buffs. I found that after I finished Molten Core, I started looking for more +heal items.

Plain old intellect is great because it gives you more mana AND more spell crit.

I often see paladins prioritizing Spirit like a priest or druid. The stat is nearly useless for us. Don't make the same mistake.


Ensuring you have the proper enchants on your gear not only will ensure you are maximizing your DPS output, but will also make sure you are taken seriously.


These are the consumables I bring to every raid. There are even more consumables out there that you might think to bring, but these seem to give me the most reward for my effort and nearly fill a bag up on their own anyway. These all stack unless specifically noted below.:

  • 2 Flask of Distilled Wisdom
  • 2 Flask of the titans
    • Flasks do not stack, so use wisdom most of the time and then switch to titans if you are having trouble staying alive.
  • 5 Mageblood Potion
  • 10 Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion
    • I always use these over mana pots if i can take a 12 second break during the fight.
  • 10 Major Mana Potion
  • 1 Brilliant Mana Oil
  • 5 Dark Rune
    • These are expensive to buy. Demonic Runes could also be substituted. The best thing about them is that they do not share a cooldown with mana/dreamless pots.
  • 10 Runn Tum Tuber Surprise
    • does NOT stack with Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops, so use this one of the chops situationally.
  • 10 Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops
  • 10 Rumsey Rum Black Label
  • 5 Greater Fire Protection Potion
  • 5 Greater Nature Protection Potion
  • 5 Greater Frost Protection Potion
  • 5 Greater Shadow Protection Potion
  • 5 Greater Arcane Protection Potion
  • 5 Major Troll's Blood Potion
  • 5 Elixir of Fortitude


  • Spam Flash of Light rank 4 or 6 over and over and over.
  • Holy Light rank 6 or 9 is used when people are taking big bursts of damage and smaller heals can't keep up.
  • Holy Shock is used when I need to cast a (crit) heal while moving.
  • If it isn't too much trouble and you won't die, then judge light or wisdom on anything that will take more than a few seconds to kill.
  • In an emergency, blow your Lay on Hands spell on the tank and then drink a mana pot.
  • Keep an eye on the mages and warlocks. They will need your Blessing of Protection when they AOE.
  • Remove magic, poison and disease debuffs using Cleanse.
  • If you are in the tank group, be careful to stand close enough to the tank so that they are in range for your Devotion Aura.

Buffing Strategy

Note - The addon Pally Power is a MUST if you plan on playing a paladin in dungeons/raids.

The buffs that everyone should receive are situational. Some people, depending on the fight or their gear level or play style prefer different buffs. That is fine! I try to accommodate people within the limits of reason.

With multiple paladins in the raid, you will need to coordinate buffs. Here is some guidance on which ones to give.

Greater Blessing of Kings is usually the most important buff as it increases all stats. All classes benefit from this. Due to a bug on this server, all paladins can train this greater blessing and you don't have to spec into it.

Greater Blessing of Salvation is the second most important buff. It reduces DPS and Healing threat and makes it easier for the tank to hold aggro. If you have a highly geared tank and a low DPS raid, then you might not need it. Classes with aggro reducing abilities like rogues and hunters don't need it so much. High DPS warlocks especially need it, sometimes over all other buffs.

If you have been assigned to buff salvation, you will have to be careful as some fights require you to skip buffing it on certain classes or people. Are your hunters kiting on this fight? Don't buff hunters. Do you have a single warlock AOE tanking mobs or even a boss? Buff all the warlocks and then remove it from the tank warlock using Blessing of Sacrifice.

The DPS warriors will want salvation, but how do you buff them without also hitting the tanks? Buff the entire class with greater salvation and then remove it from each tank using Blessing of Sacrifice. There is an addon called "Block Salvation" that will automatically remove it. Encourage your tanks to use this add on.

If you are assigned as the salvation buffer AND you are running Concentration Aura, you are in the unique position of also being able to help your tank out with Blessing of Sacrifice. So, hit your tank with it as often as possible.

Greater Blessing of Wisdom and Greater Blessing of Might are usually assigned to one paladin as a class usually needs one or the other. Warriors and Rogues get might and everyone else gets wisdom. Warlocks don't need it as much as they lifetap to regain mana. Sometimes, you have a feral druid who wants might. If you have an extra paladin, then also buff druids with might, however it is more important that your healing druids have wisdom. Try to assign these buffs to a paladin who has put the talent points into improved wisdom and improved might.

Blessing of Wisdom also has the unique curse (or benefit!) of generating significant aggro in this version of wow. I recall that it did this in retail too. So, if you are buffing this, be prepared for all loose mobs to head straight to you. If you are kiting mobs, then you will want to be assigned this buff.

In this release of the game, might does not benefit hunters as it only boosts melee attack power. So, give hunters wisdom instead.

Greater Blessing of Light This buff significantly increases your healing output. If you have enough paladins, then this should be on everyone. If you are low on paladins, at least try to get this on your tanks.

Greater Blessing of Sanctuary This buff decreases damage taken and increases tank threat by a little bit. This buff is helpful, but it is the least important. Due to a bug on this server, all paladins can train this greater blessing and you don't have to spec into it.

Blessing of Sacrifice If your tank is being hit by lots of mobs very quickly (for example, jindo's trash mobs) then this buff is very helpful. You will want to run concentration aura while using it to avoid spell pushback

Blessing of Freedom If your tank is rooted, it can be helpful to use this, however, practically I don't find much use for it in PVE raiding. There are more opportunities to use it in 5 man dungeons.