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All information in this guide is based off of patch 1.12 private servers. Some information may change with the official release of Classic WoW.

Mages are ranged damage dealers (DPS). No other class has such a huge variety of massively powerful abilities. Mages are sometimes referred to as "glass cannons" due to their cloth armor - they are probably the most fragile class in World of Warcraft. A mage that allows an enemy to get within melee range will likely not live long. Mages are also very valued for their AoE and crowd control abilities, and being able to conjure food and water for themselves and other players, and are able to teleport themselves, or open portals to major cities that their group can use. They are also one of the only classes that excel at AoE grinding mobs as a way of leveling.

Mages 3 talent specializations are Fire, Frost, and Arcane.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at the Mage class, check out the video below.



Fire Combustion 17/31/3 ↗
For 5-man instances and 20-man raids, the fire-combustion build performs very well:


There are certain mobs that are resistant to Fire in the blackrock mountain instances, but just use frost spells against those mobs. Enjoy playing Fire while it lasts, because the moment you start to venture into Molten Core, you won’t be playing Fire anymore for a very very long time.

For Molten Core and Blackwing Lair the only sensible option is frost. There are 2 frost-options. The Winter’s Chill spec, and the Arcane Frost spec.

Winter’s Chill 19/0/32 ↗

Winter's Chill

Arcane Frost 31/0/20 ↗

Winter's Chill

Winter’s Chill adds 10% crit chance to all Frost spells from all mages in the raid. It is a must that there is atleast 1 mage in your guild who joins the raids with these talents. It is a common procedure that the newcomers in the guild gets asked to spec Winter’s Chill while the better geared mages use the Arcane Power variant, however having some of the most experienced mages use Improved Blizzard is probably the best way to progress through the Suppresion Room in Blackwing Lair, and should not be left in the hands of the newcomers.

For AQ and Naxx you will be using Fire Combustion in most of the raids. For some fights, frost talents really help out, but if your guild has started naxxramas, you hopefully don’t have much use for tips on what to spec anymore, so let’s just skip that.

Pre-Raid Gear

Since the two first 40-man raids will be done with Frost talents, we’ll have the Pre-raid gear items fit that pattern. Without donations, rep-farming or drops from the summonable bosses which can only be done as part of the T0.5 quest-chains, this is what your pre-raid BiS list would look like:

Note: Bloodvine gear is only available after ZG patch.


Ensuring you have the proper enchants on your gear not only will ensure you are maximizing your DPS output, but will also make sure you are taken seriously.


My preferred leveling build is the frost AOE build. It excels at AOE grinding, while still providing strong single target dps in dungeons.
The main focus on this build is the Permafrost & Improved Blizzard talents.
It is very important that you DO NOT put any points into Frostbite if you plan on doing any AOE grinding, as freezing mobs in blizzard will mess up your pulls.
Frost AOE 11/0/40 ↗

Frost AOE

AOE Grinding

Note: If you're new to this - you're going to die alot, everyone does. It takes some time to learn how to AOE grind properly and can be very frustrating starting out, but it's definitely worth it in the end.

Starting Out

  • First off your mage should be level 21 minimum to kill anything while aoe grinding, this is because you need at least 2 points in Improved Blizzard to kite mobs around. I suggest starting at level 24 because 21 is very hard but possible with practice.
  • Make sure to spec into frost, because later on down the line (40+) you are going to get Ice Barrier, which makes this 1000x easier. It prevents you from being dazed, knocked off your mount and dieing, the 3 main AoE pitfalls.
  • Make 100% sure you spec to have Improved Blizzard. It is crucial to good mana efficiency, resulting in less downtime. It also prevents you from getting hit by the mobs. Refer to the Talents tab to see an example build.
  • Avoid any type of ranged/caster mobs. If there is even 1 in a group, they will mess up your whole pull. A lightning bolt/arrow/bullet in the chest and your blizzard is gone. That's 700+ mana down the drain and you'll likely be dead or have to reset the pull. MELEE ONLY!
  • Use wand to pull straying mobs. If they are spread out, use ur wand to aggro them, then while they run at you, run away from them to the other mobs to pull a bigger group. If you aoe correctly, you can take on an infinite amount of mobs.

The Pull

Pulls will get much easier after level 40, once you get your mount + Ice Barrier. If your just starting out, its a good idea to have a few health & mana pots on you for emergencies, as you will likely end up dying ALOT when first getting the hang of it.

  • Aggro the mobs however you like, then run in a small circle to stack all the mobs together.
  • Cast Cone of Cold, then Frost Nova, make sure you freeze everything or you'll have to reset the pull
  • After they're frozen, turn and blink out to max range
  • Start casting Blizzard on everything before your Frost Nova breaks
  • Cast a 2nd Blizzard, after that most mobs should be close to dead
  • Frost Nova again, and finish off with 1 last Blizzard, or Cone of Cold + Arcane Explosion if the mobs are low enough.


Next you need to know how to spec your mage. Refer to the talent build above for an example build.

  • The majority of mages only run 2/3 points into Improved Blizzard, the reason is it will overlap your cone of cold slow effect so I highly recommend for beginners to only put in 2/3, however you can still AOE just fine with 3/3 points.
  • Improved Cone of Cold is needed because this will be a major spell you use while killing and the 35% damage increase is extremely helpful.


Intellect and Stamina are all you need, look for "of the eagle" gear on the Auction House and you'll be fine as Blizzard doesn't get affected by increased spell power / frost damage.


For a list of areas you can farm click here
Note: When Classic WoW comes out, almost all of these places are going to be incredibly crowded for the first while so it may be faster to just quest instead of grinding mobs.