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All information in this guide is based off of patch 1.12 private servers. Some information may change with the official release of Classic WoW.

Hunters are ranged DPS dealers that depend on a pet they have tamed to protect them as they rain death on their enemies with a gun, bow, or crossbow. They have access to a wide variety of abilities – making them valuable members of any PvE or PvP group – including traps, stings, tranquilizing shot, Feign Death, and many others. Because their pets are so powerful, hunters are very popular with new players. Pets can be used as the Hunter's own personal tank. But Hunters are arguably one of the easiest or more difficult classes to master, depending on who you ask; players who have reached endgame may find themselves overwhelmed by the many abilities available to them and the considerable tactical shifts necessary to function effectively in groups. Depending on their spec, they can be more reliant on their pets (Beast Mastery), become ranged DPS machines (Marksmanship), and PvP and PvE "mixed bag" gameplay in the hard to master tree of "Survival".

Hunters 3 talent specializations are Marksmanship, Survival, and Beast Mastery.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at the Hunter class, check out the video below or head over to


There are 3 builds listed below. One is centered around Marksmanship, one around Beast Mastery and the other is PVP orientated. You can follow the link to the talent calculator to see what each talent does and test out tweaking the builds to suit you..

Marksmanship will give you decent DPS for raiding. It gets all the essentials from MM (Marksmanship) while also getting Improved AotH & talents that help your pet do more damage from BM (Beast mastery).
Marksmanship (20/31/0) ↗


BM is good for leveling your hunter. This build gets you all the essential BM talents as well as getting you Aimed Shot and Mortal Shots from the MM tree.
Beast Mastery (31/20/0) ↗


The Lightning Reflexes Build is great for PVP. It gets Aimed Shot, Lethal Shots, Mortal Shots and Scatter Shot from Marksmanship while still being able to reach Lightning Reflexes on the Survival Tree.
Lightning Reflexes PVP (0/21/30) ↗


Pre-Raid Gear

So, hitcap for hunters is 9%. THIS IS MANDATORY, no matter what happens you need 9% hit over everything. – Reason, we are based on burst dps and we shoot once every few seconds not like rogues or warriors who are always hitting. If you miss one shot you are losing unbelievable amounts of DPS, also without the 9% hit you have a chance to miss your tranq shot and this has far more serious ramifications.


Ensuring you have the proper enchants on your gear not only will ensure you are maximizing your DPS output, but will also make sure you are taken seriously.

  • Helm: >
  • Shoulder:
  • Cloak:
  • Chest:
  • Wrist: > /
  • Gloves:
  • Legs: >
  • Boots: > /
  • Melee Weapons: for 1H weapons - for 2H weapons
  • Ranged Weapons: if you are not at 9% hit, else use


We dont have that many, however for endgame high DPS we can use quite a few to buff our damage.

Damange & Crit Consumables:
  • Elixir of the Mongoose
  • Agility scrolls – try get all from 2-4 upto 16 agi (for pet the lower ones)
  • Strength scrolls – 4 ideally but lower ones are ok too (for pet)
  • Juju Power 30 Strength (for pet)
  • Juju Might 40 Attack Power (for pet)
  • Gordok Scorpok Assay 50 Agi (Blasted lands)
  • Thorium Headed Arrow / Shell – 17.5 DPS bonus. Don’t slack with the AV rep ones, you do more damage with these.
  • Crystal yeild
Mana Consumables:
  • Flask of distilled wisdom – Not always useful as ill explain later.
  • Major mana potions
  • Demonic / dark rune
  • Elixir of greater intellect
  • Mageblood potion
Stamina / Survival Consumables:
  • Flask of the titans
  • Dirge’s 25 stam (does not stack wtih boar buff)
  • 12 Stam food – 12stam
  • Rumsey rum 15
  • Godork rum 10
  • Stamina scroll upto 16 (depending on the scroll)
  • Boar buff (Blasted lands) 50 stamina
  • Limited Invulnerability Potion – drop all aggro temporarily.
  • and of course petfood.



Beast Mastery is great for leveling your hunter. This build gets you all the essential BM talents as well as getting you Aimed Shot and Mortal Shots from the MM tree.
Beast Mastery 31/20/0 ↗



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